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"Solving business problems with technology"
Established 1974  *  Continuously in business since 1983

RETIRED Jan. 2020 due to age-related medical issues

This business and website are both for sale to anyone ethical and willing to provide our level of quality work. Contact info below.

About Us

COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS InfoTech specializes in IBM large mainframe Systems Programming (z/OS, MVS), but also does:

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Cost-Effective Solutions (proprietorship):
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Our Clients and Their Needs

The offices of COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS InfoTech are in Belmont, California, located midway between San Francisco and San Jose on the San Francisco Peninsula, on the Northern edge of Silicon Valley near Oracle corporate headquarters.  We service clients throughout Northern California, and elsewhere as required.  Almost all of our Clients fit into one of two major categories:

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What We Do

*   The primary objective of COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS InfoTech is to save each client time and money.  If we do so, we know that our own business will increase, as the client company reaps the benefit of a good return on their investment, and we enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done.  As proof, we have several clients for whom we've had multiple contracts .

We are confident enough in our abilities to save our client companies time and money that we guarantee the minimum Return On Investment, including reduced expenses and/or increased revenues (direct and indirect), will, within 3 years, be at least double what we have invoiced, so long as our work products continue to be used throughout that period.  Typically, the ROI in that time period is 8 to 10 times our invoice total, often even higher.

Our approach is to learn what our clients' business objectives and problems are, and what their technical and/or accounting problems are, then design and implement business solutions (which typically are a combination of technical improvements and modifications to existing practices).

*   COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS InfoTech has many years of proven expertise in:

Proven Expertise

**   Project Management and Data Center Management since 1974

**   IBM large mainframe Systems Programming since 1969

**   Information Systems Security and EDP Audit consulting services

**   IBM large mainframe Operator and Programmer Training since 1972

**   PC User and Programmer Training since 1987

**   Design and implementation of computer networks of any size, from small LANs to huge international networks:

**   Small business technical and accounting consulting

**   Web site and home page creation for the Internet

**   Telephone systems (analog and digital):

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Contact Us

E-mail E-mail:

phone Telephone:
    650-595-5961 or 707-660-2493

fax FAX: on request, but e-mail preferred

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Our name defines what we provide — Information Technology business/technical solutions which are cost-effective

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**   Here are some webpages we've created with links to technical articles and short tutorials:

Comparing Mainframe Security Products
This article was inspired by the following question on a Mainframe Security Gurus online forum: "MAINFRAMERS! What is your primary mainframe security package?"
Web-Safe Color Mini-Palette
Find which colors are compatible with all browsers and which will also display most quickly whenever anyone opens one of your webpages.  This page is a quick mini-reference.
Expanded Web-Safe Color Palette
Choose from among the 216 colors that are compatible with all browsers and that will display most quickly whenever anyone opens one of your webpages.  This page is a complete reference to them all.
Miscellaneous Web Links #3
Many subjects:  Business, Jobs & Career, Internet Safety, Fun Stuff, Stockbrokers & such, September 11th, etc.
This webpage will be sporadically updated.
Websites -- Designing, Creating, Publishing, Optimizing ...
In building this website we discovered many website building tips, tutorials, etc.  We thought it good to share them.

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BBB Currently rated A+ by the Better Business Bureau
Honor Role Member 2003-2007 Golden Gate Better Business Bureau
(We discontinued our membership in 2008 due to increased dues.)


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== NOTE: Our company address changed effective Jan 1, 2018.  We moved 65 miles North of our previous location of 10+ years!

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