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Petaluma, California

"Solving home & business problems PROPERLY"
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Established March 2002

RETIRED Jan. 2020 due to age-related medical issues

This business and website are both for sale to anyone ethical and willing to provide our level of quality work while adhering to current Building and Electrical Codes. Contact info below.

What We Do

COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS™ has engaged in both carpentry and electrical work since early 2002.  Our primary focus now is Electrical Contracting.  We continue doing carpentry and handyman work to fill in or for a change of pace.  We now work with an emphasis on, but not limited to: toolbag COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS also does:

 * unofficial, for homeowner and/or real estate sales pro information; Official inspections are only done by the "Authority Holding Jurisdiction" (local Building Dept., etc.)

** When required for Permit, we team up with an experienced, reliable, General Contractor (and longtime personal friend) who is as adamant as we are about doing all work to-Code or better, using current best practices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Please click here: FAQs.

About Us

In early 2002, in response to shrunken opportunities in the owner's main business due to America's faltering economy and ageism, COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS™ was established as a part-time venture by Bruce Grant, an ex-IBMer, and President of COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS InfoTech, a technical consulting firm founded in 1983 and incorporated in 1989.

Since 2002, COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS has expanded into a full-time business.  We have acquired considerable additional expertise in carpentry and electrical work.  Our focus has changed to Electrical Contracting.  We continue doing carpentry and handyman work occasionally to fill in or for a change of pace.

Licensing and Responsibility

We are bonded.  Due to the long-running Recession, we do not yet have any type of Contractor's License, but we intend to obtain the appropriate licensing from the California Contractors State License Board once we can afford it.  We will eventually be licensed as a General Building Contractor ("B"), but will first obtain a License as an Electrical Contractor ("C-10"), as that is our specialty.  Currently, our only real problem in getting a License is its high initial cost (license fees, application fee, test fees, insurance, etc.).  For projects larger than what we are legally allowed to do without a License, we partner with a Licensed General Contractor who has been our owner's good friend for over 35 years, since he, too, believes in doing only top quality work.


Every project we perform is fully guaranteed because we do things right the first timeTop quality work at reasonable prices and cost-effective solutions to client problems are our primary goals.  We are proud of our A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, possibly because all our work is always to Code or better, unlike the work we have seen by many others (including some Licensed Contractors who merely paid some "school" to train them only to pass the licensing tests, but not how to really do things properly).

All our work is of the highest quality -- our many satisfied customers prove it.

Better Business Bureau

Cost-Effective Solutions was an Honor Roll Member of the Better Business Bureau from 2005 thru 2008.  We discontinued our membership in 2009 when the BBB Accredited Member dues were raised to more than we could afford, but we may eventually rejoin.  Meanwhile, we are still rated "A+" on the BBB website, their highest rating for any business.  To our knowledge, they have never received any complaints about us.


Cost-Effective Solutions
"Solving home & business problems properly"


Our Clients and Their Needs

Geographic Territory

COST-EFFECTIVE SOLUTIONS is now in Petaluma, California, having recently moved here from Belmont, located near Oracle, midway between San Francisco and San Jose on the San Francisco Peninsula.  We primarily serviced clients in the mid-Peninsula, but now concentrate on the area between Santa Rosa and Novato, plus we will work elsewhere as required (for example, in the first 5 months of 2005, we also did electrical work for large commercial clients in San Francisco, Palo Alto and Oakland).  In 2006, one of our clients owned a vacation cabin in Mendocino County and allowed us to use the cabin for a week after completing the job, so sometimes our geographic reach can be extended beyond the Bay Area when there are additional benefits.

Typical Client Projects

Although we serve large, commercial clients, most of our Clients are homeowners and small, local businesses, but with varying needs:


Contact Us

Cost-Effective Solutions
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snail mail
19 East Napa Dr.
Petaluma, CA 94954-1334
**  phone 707-324-4101    

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Cost-Effective Solutions
"Solving home & business problems PROPERLY"


We will take on the smaller jobs that the big firms will not.
Please give Cost-Effective Solutions a try.

What We Do Quality and Codes FAQs About Us Client Needs Territory Typical Projects Licensing and Responsibility Better Business Bureau Rating Privacy Policy Contact Us

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